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5 Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles Besides Tiredness

Aging and stress can take a toll on your body, your skin in particular. There are various types of skin problems that can be prevented easily when you identify and eliminated the cause. But there are others that come as hereditary troubles where your genes cause them to occur even if you have the best skin care routine in place. To really take care of your skin, eliminate worry and stress. Everyone has a busy life. If you only find a hermes birkin replica bag and not the real one, if you did not get the promotion you were expecting, for anything big or small, the worry is not the solution. Worrying not just affects your skin but also your health in general. Getting back to the problem of dark circles, besides fatigue here are the main causes –


Allergies, mild ones, might increase the itching and you might end up rubbing your eyes too often. This can then lead to dark circles.

Genetic factors

In some people, the genes play a role and dark circles simply cannot be avoided. Pigmentation troubles can surprisingly be acquired in the genes.

Irregular pigmentation

Irregular pigmentation could be due to hormone issues or due to certain medications. People of different origins might have different issues with pigmentation and this can, in turn, increase the risks of acquiring dark circles.

Sun exposure

Sun exposure or UV damage is one of the main reasons that causes dark circles.

Sudden extreme weight loss

People who have suddenly lost a lot of weight might have saggy skin which loses its elasticity. This can result in dark circles and fine lines below the eyes.

Besides these factors, thinning of the skin, rubbing the eyes, wearing spectacles can all increase the chances of developing dark circles. Except for the cosmetic concerns dark circles are often harmless and there are several ways to tackle them.…