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Diet Myth or Truth: Is Fasting Effective for Weight Loss?

Fasting which is considered as one of the religious practice is now been considered as a way to lose weight. Whenever you eat less food, you tend to notice a huge decline in weighing scale but this result is only for a very short duration. The moment you start eating normal routine your intake of fat, carbs, and calories will be the same as before you begin fasting. Now you will be wondering how to lose the fat. There are various natural remedies which can help you without giving any side effects. Check out wekratom to get more information regarding this.

How healthy can fasting be to lose weight?

According to various health experts, people taking drastic measure to lose the weight will end up being unhealthy.  You might be able to lose a few kilos but it would affect the body drastically. Also, it has been proved that fasting will reduce metabolism. Whenever you try to come back to the normal routine, the body will attempt to store each and every calorie consumed which will ultimately result in putting on more weight.

A short fast will help in getting rid of your habit of eating unhealthy and processed food. Once you begin the normal eating regime, you need to choose only healthy foods and not processed or junk foods. It will help in maintaining a healthy weight.  Also, you need to include a lot of fresh fruits to your diet and drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Other side effects of fasting are that you would feel nauseous and dizzy as the salt and sugar intakes lessen. It will lead to headaches. Hence instead of giving a shock to your body, it is best to start slowly and reduce your weight through the healthy way. Exercise regularly and eating healthy food is one way to do so.