The Secrets to Relieve Insomnia Without Medication

Forty percent – that’s a big percentage!

It is estimated that at least forty percent of the world’s population suffer from insomnia in bouts. That seems like a big number of people who are struggling to sleep/. I was once there too. And I was petrified because I was working full time and I so needed to sleep a full night so that I am up really in the next day’s meeting but alas!

But then I realized this magic trick and you know what, it worked for me!

I read about it on the internet and tried it out for a few weeks. Voila! It worked and how!!

The hack said that in case sleep evades you, try drowning it in affection.

I know it sounds funny. Even I had laughed at the first instance myself. But when I read what it said, it made perfect sense to me.

The article said that if you were not getting sleep as soon as you hit the pillow, you must keep a positive frame of mind. You must instead of cursing yourself, try and thank your brain that it is giving you some extra time to reflect on your day and also learn and relearn things that you ought to.

So, the first few nights, I retrospect on the day’s happening, constructing and deconstructing it in every detail. I thought about the various meetings and what transpired in them, the people I met throughout the day and what interactions I had with them.

As weeks turned by, I started thinking about the books I had read and reflected on them, I redid the piano lessons in my head that I had begun and I was also thinking of the presentation that I needed to make the following day.

I came over the habit and no medication at all:

I was suffering from sleeplessness for half a decade and this finally put me in a positive state of mind. The positive feeling had a telling effect on my work the next morning because I was more efficient and over a period of few months, I could put myself to sleep almost in the first fifteen minutes. Try!

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