Men: How To Cope With Your 7 Worst Health Fears

Men have some secret health fears. Know what they are at holisticboard.organd how to cope with them.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer affects a majority of men but this is not as dangerous that it leads to death. It is important that you get screened for prostate cancer in regular intervals, especially if you have family members who have this condition.


Breast enlargement is when there is an increase in the tissues in the breast gland and this can happen at any age. The best way to avoid the same is to change your lifestyle and diet, take less stress and maintain a healthy body weight.

Heart disease

Heart disease happens when there is an increase in high blood pressure or the cholesterol levels get high. You need to take medications to control the high BP and cholesterol levels.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is common in men who suffer from diabetes or who have got their prostate removed. It could also lead to cardiovascular diseases so it is important to take proper medication.

Testosterone levels

Men get concerned about low testosterone levels. If you see any symptoms then get yourself checked.

Body weight

Body weight management is also something that makes men think over. With age, the metabolic rate decreases and thus it is important that one eats less and stays active to be more flexible and mobile. Proper exercise and diet is a must.


The common signs of stroke should be known. This includes numbness, difficulty in talking, loss of vision, feeling dizzy, and problems in walking and balancing. If you find any of these issues then call the doctor immediately.

Staying healthy and active is the key to maintain a healthy heart and body. It is also important that you go for regular health checkups. A most disease that is diagnosed early gets treated. So it is best to not delay.