Organic food: Better for you and the planet

Why would you prefer something that is treated with strong chemical fertilizers, enhancers and pesticides over something naturally grown? Organic food has proved not only to be beneficial to your health but for the environment. Today’s growing trend has been of Organic food and might I add for the rightful reasons. Some of those many reasons are listed below.

  • Rich antioxidants – Organic foods are rich in antioxidants. Not that those are conventionally grown are completely lack in them. But when the chemicals added artificially react with the rich nutrients reduces the food value to a great extent and is no longer as useful as the Organic food proves to be for your health.
  • Lack of chemicals – Chemical fertilizers, pesticides are basically an add of toxins in your diet. I don’t need to tell you how different an apple grown in an organic way looks from an apple conventionally gown. It will be plushier, safer, healthier and yes it will smell better, it will have the natural smell.
  • A better immune system – The added chemicals, vaccines that enhance the growth of organic crops go into your system and make it weaker to fight off the foreign pathogens that enter your body. So even your immune system is saying yes to organic food.
  • Prevents environmental pollution – We have been hearing how chemical fertilizers have been contaminating the soil and water around us. But we might not have thought it through that a solution to this nature’s wound is the growth of Organic food.
  • Prevents erosion – Love jogging at lightestfoot? A study has found out that a soil cover growing organic crops will be inches above than the soil cover growing chemically treated crops. Soil erosion has emerged as an immediate major issue. Organic food thus helps to tend to this planet’s fears of soil erosion.