Tips to Help Keep Your Senior Dog Mentally and Physically Sharp

Dogs are similar to humans in many ways. Your dog can be a bundle of energy jumping around at all times and may never seem to tire. As time goes, one fine day you will look back and realize that little bundle of energy has actually grown old and is not so active or sharp anymore.

In order to ensure your senior dog is mentally sharp and physically fit even as he grows old, do the following:

Right Food

Ensure you are feeding them right. Dogs’ needs change as they age. Look for food specifically designed for older dogs, so that you are giving him something he can digest and gain out of. If your dog’s meat preference has changed, ensure you give what he prefers now rather than stick to old favorites.

Physical Activity

Be as physically active with him as possible. Don’t shy away from taking that ball and attempting to play catch. Even if it has been years since you both played it, a dog never shies away from such fun games. Keep him active and running.

Social Interaction

Take your dog out for walks, to the park and other areas where dogs come. As he meets new dogs and people, he will be mentally sharp and alert.

Name Toys

Name his favorite toys. When you want to offer him a toy, ask him by its name. Over a period of time, he will recognize the names and respond accordingly. This will keep his mind alert and memory sharp.

Chew Toys

As they age, their jaws get weaker. Get them toys that are easy on the jaws, so that they don’t go looking for things to chew in their old age. What they liked as a pup may not be the right to anymore.


Get the right beds to enable him to sleep comfortably. You can even buy him one of the Best Extra Large Dog Beds so that he has more space to move around in.